Qticket ir Baltijā dibināts tehnoloģiju uzņēmums, kas izstrādā mākoņbāzētu programmatūru attālinātai klientu plūsmas organizēšanai.
Our software products serve the growing demand for frictionless digital client experience and aim to help increase customer satisfaction, accelerate innovation, build competitive advantage.
Since 2019 we are co-funded, supported, and monitored by the European Union development fund and we are a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mūsu misija

Our mission is to make access to services easier than ever,
solve customer flow problems by optimizing and automating existing company's resources.

Klientu pieredzes un pakalpojumu pieejamības uzlabošana

Resursu un izmaksu optimizācija

Apgrozījuma pieaugums, apkalpojot vairāk klientu

Mūsu komanda

Our product development team is made of professionals with years of experience who have worked with clients across 18 different countries and have developed projects for such big names as Vodafone, The United Nations, Santander Bank, Jaguar Land Rover, FC Barcelona, and many more.
We are system integrations experts, especially experienced in developing user-friendly, mobile-first systems/apps incorporating the highest standards in cybersecurity as data encryption.